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Cedar Farms Co., Inc. was founded in the early 1920's by Bob Raur and Stanley Bonner.

The original location of their butter, eggs and cheese distributor was on Water Street in Philadelphia.

As they built their reputation of excellent service and quality to restaurants in the Philadelphia and South Jersey region their sales grew.


Cedar Farms Headquarters
Gus Pahides
Gus Pahides

During the 1940's, Gus Pahides started his own distribution company. His business grew steadily until he was called to serve our country during the Korean Conflict. Gus returned to start over and once again build his business.

When Bob and Stanley decided to retire in 1970, Gus purchased Cedar Farms from them and set the foundation for the business in operation today. Pete Pahides, Gus's son took over reigns as president in 1977.

Beginning in a small gutted row house on North Cadwallader Street, the business was moved to a larger 30,000 square foot building on York Street during the early 80's.

On May 4, 2001 Cedar Farms was finally moved to its 92,000 square foot building currently on Hornig Road.

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