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Gus Pahides
Gus Pahides

Constantine (Gus) Pahides was born December 2nd  1927 to Panteli and Eleni and Chios, Greece.

With the beginning of WW2 and the German Occupation of Chios in 1941, the Pahides family decided to come to America to start a new life.

Gus and his family came to Philadelphia, PA on November 8th 1946 where they became parishioners of St. George Cathedral of Philadelphia.

In June of 1949, after finishing school, Gus decided to start his own butter, egg and cheese business and became a full member of the St. George Cathedral community.

On October 10th 1950, Gus was drafted into the Army and served honorably as a Staff Sergeant in the Korean War.

Upon returning to Philadelphia Gus went back to his butter, egg and cheese business.

After being in business a few years, Gus decided to start a family with his first wife Stella Russon, in 1955. They had four beautiful children: Helene, Peter, Andrea and Renee. All four were baptized, schooled and married at St. George Cathedral.

Gus's business was steadily growing. In 1970, Gus purchased Cedar Farms and with the help of his son Peter, continued to grow the business.

Gus became a well-known fixture in the food industry of Philadelphia, while servicing the thriving Greek community.

Constantine (Gus) Pahides
Constantine (Gus) Pahides
Gus at Cedar Farms
Gus at Cedar Farms

In 1986 the Pahides family purchased the Liberty Bell Steak Company and Gus started to extend his business ventures.

After a successful business career, Gus travel back to Chios, Greece, where he met and married Stamatia Doloma. Together, the couple purchased and restored a farm where they enjoyed many happy years, while traveling back and forth from the United States and Greece.

Among Gus' many honors is the Gold Cross of the Holy Sepulchre, presented by patriarchate of Jerusalem for his effort on behalf of the church.

His other honors in the Greek Community include:

  • Board of Directors of the Chios Society
  • President of the Chios Society
  • Supreme Vice-President of the Chios Society of America
  • V.F.W. member (Eleftheria post 6633)
  • Treasurer of the Federation of Hellenic American Societies
  • President of the Greek American Soccer Team (1964 champions)
  • Member of Parish Council of St. George Cathedral (served as Vice President & President)
  • Member of a AHEPA since 1971.
Gus' Family
Gus' Family

Of all his accomplishments, he is most proud of his four children and his 12 lovely grandchildren: Dana, Olivia, Dimitri, Jonathan, Christen, Nico, Aris, Alexa, Zara, Demi, Dina, and Dena. He will always be remembered and greatly missed by his family and friends.

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