Meet our Prominent National Suppliers

At Cedar Farms, we are only as good as the products that we distribute to your door. That is why we rely on the high quality, reliable suppliers for all the essential items in your commercial kitchen – meat, produce, bread, dairy, non-foods, and more. We are proud to feature popular items from these top brands throughout our expansive product catalog.

The following supplier partners are an important part of the Cedar Farms operation. For more information about the product offerings from our suppliers, please contact a Cedar Farms sales representative today!


Based in Hatfield, PA, Clemens Food Group is a family-owned company dedicated to providing service and brand solutions that help customers grow their businesses. Clemens is a vertically coordinated company that includes hog farming, food production, and transportation. For over 125 years, Clemens has delivered the highest-quality pork while treating family farmers, animals, business partners, and the environment with the highest levels of respect. They continue to deliver value through their Hatfield®, Hatfield Premium Reserve Pork®, and Farm Promise® brands.

From safety on the farm, to safe driving on the roads, to team member safety at the plant, Clemens upholds the highest industry safety standards in every aspect of the business, encouraging every team member to go home every day as healthy as when they came in.

The combination of state-of-the-art food safety and quality technology, along with a dedicated FSQA Team, helps to ensure food safety and quality in every step of the operation, from farm to fork. Clemens’ operations are SQF Certified for both food safety and quality. This third-party certification ensures that the global standards for producing safe, quality food is always met.

Clemens employs rigorous quality tests throughout our plant to ensure the commitment to delivering exceptional pork never wavers. The quality of their products reflects the quality of their work, which is why every single team member is empowered to stop a production line if they don’t believe the strict quality standards are being met.

We treat every team member with respect, offering fair wages and competitive benefits to every employee in every part of our business. We also expect every team member to treat others with the same level of respect. That includes other team members, our customers, consumers, and our business partners and suppliers.

These key expectations – Safety, Food Safety, Quality, and People – are fundamental responsibilities of every team member at Clemens Food Group. Clemens is committed to building a foundation for future generations. It is what they call “doing business the right way,” and it is who they are. 

Dart Container Corporation, based in Mason, Michigan, focuses on the development, manufacture and distribution of innovative foodservice packaging solutions. Dart manufactures cups, plates, containers, lids and straws made from expanded polystyrene foam, solid polystyrene, polypropylene, polyethylene terephthalate (PET), paper and sugar cane. Coming from humble origins as a machine shop in Mason, Dart rapidly expanded across the globe to include over 40 locations in six countries with 15,000 employees worldwide.

For the past five decades, Dart has met increasing demand for foodservice packaging products by creating new product lines for the retail/consumer and food packaging industries. To satisfy this tremendous growth in product lines, Dart expanded its presence both in the United States and around the world. The Dart family continues to lead the company, helping maintain small-town values and sharp focus on service through global expansion. Dart’s most recent major expansion came in 2012 with the purchase of Solo Cup Company, a move that doubled the size of the company and expanded the diversity of product lines, especially in the area of paper products.

One of the cornerstones of Dart’s success has been a concentration on vertical integration, which gives allows beginning-to-end control and provides better govern costs, quality and service. In many cases, Dart produces their own raw materials, production equipment, ink and packaging film. They run their own trucking, sales and recycling operations.

Dart Container has grown from a single 25,000-square-foot plant in Mason, to more than 40 manufacturing and distribution facilities throughout the United States, Canada, England, Mexico, Argentina and Brazil. 

Esbenshade Farms was established in 1963 on a farm outside Manheim, PA. For the first 17 years, this Lancaster county egg farm sold products to other processors. In 1980, the company’s first grading machine was installed on a purchased farm near Mount Joy, PA. This made it possible to begin marketing and distributing eggs. The company continued to broaden as a feed mill was built in 1985 on the Mount Joy site. Feed formulating and manufacturing for the farms’ chickens provided greater control over nutrition and costs.

One thing hasn’t changed since 1963: a steadfast commitment to excellent care for their flock’s health and well-being. Today, the company is fully integrated and continues to expand, now featuring three modern layer facilities with in-line processing facilities for maximum freshness. Esbenshade Farms continues to be a top supplier to some of the finest wholesalers in the northeastern United States.

At Esbenshade Farms, fresh eggs are laid daily and shipped within 48 hours, many times even 24 hours. Produced on local poultry farms, the eggs are continually recognized for their quality and consistency. All sizes are available, from small to super jumbo. The popular Esbenshade Farms brand packaging is available along with private label packaging. They also sell a wide range of specialty eggs, including cage-free, Omega 3, organic, free range, and pasteurized. Wholesale egg deliveries are made by drivers on trucks maintained by their own full service garage.


If there are two things that are loved at the Liberty Bell Steak Company, it’s food and family—and that’s what they built their company on.  

For more than 25 years, the Liberty Bell Steak Company has produced quality beef chip steaks for what is famously known as “The Philly Cheesesteak”. Millions enjoy this Philly favorite both in the local Philadelphia area as well as nationally. Liberty Bell prides itself in offering the “The Real Authentic Philly Steak Sandwich meat” which has become a Philadelphia institution. From coast to coast, people enjoy the true taste of Philly with Liberty Bell Steaks. They offer a variety of steaks, from beef to chicken, in a number of portion sizes and bulk packaging that will suit any customer’s menu. They do private labeling and can provide customized packaging.

The company was founded by Gus Pahides, an independent food service distributor looking to expand his family-owned business. In 1986, he started Liberty Bell to better serve his customers with the best steak meat in the city. Today, the company is headed by President and CEO John Vellios and has experienced continued growth and expansion over the years. Throughout Liberty Bell’s longevity in the meat supply industry, they have maintained Gus Pahides same family business values and quality standards. Liberty Bell is continually recognized as an industry leader with distributors throughout the U.S and Canada.

Liberty Bell features a Federal USDA inspected facility that maintains the highest degree of quality control standards for their products. The steaks are made from the choicest cuts of solid-muscle domestic steer beef.  They demand superior standards and consistency from their reliable meat suppliers. At Liberty Bell, business starts and ends with the customer and their success depends on meeting those needs the best they can.

Ground beef was introduced as a staple on the American dinner table in the last decades of the nineteenth century. Arguably the most popular dish, the hamburger, was made famous at lunch wagons, fair stands and roadside restaurants meandering from the East Coast to the Midwest and beyond.

Today, Plymouth Beef has become synonymous with this culinary tradition by taking extraordinary care and using superior ingredients in processing Hamburger Patties and Bulk Ground beef. Chef’s, restaurant owners, and food service managers count on Plymouth to provide the purest products consisting of superior taste profiles that deliver a juicy, flavorful experiences every time. Their exclusive special grinding formula has continually produced the highest quality all-beef hamburger patties and ground beef products.

Plymouth Beef is a leading expert in the ground beef category because of a shared reputation with their customers. It is based on quality, service, reliability and food safety. These four tenets are exemplified in everything at Plymouth. Starting with procurement standards, to consistent production techniques, warehousing and logistics management and pricing strategy. Like the taste of the burgers, the philosophy at Plymouth Beef may also seem old fashioned… and that’s just the way they like it.

Plymouth Beef operates under the SQF (Safe Quality Foods) Level 3, edition 8 Certification. This is the highest standard food safety certification available in the industry. Within their state-of-the-art facility, they produce the highest quality Hamburger and Ground Beef products in both fresh and frozen formats. They offer customers numerous options and flexibility within the category.

Plymouth Beef remains a family-owned firm. Amidst the corporate giants, prudent decision-making and innovative ideas have allowed them to grow without losing sight of the original goal: to deliver the best available beef products to the marketplace, and to do it better than anyone else. Combined with attention to detail and focus on customer service, Plymouth Beef has the solutions for your ground beef needs!


J.R. Simplot had the inherent ability to see possibilities nobody else could see, and the resolve to act on them—helping him turn a one-man farming operation into a global food and agribusiness enterprise. The Simplot brand began to take shape in the farm fields of southern Idaho in the late 1920s. Young J.R. struck out on his own at age 14, set on entering the agriculture business. While he had just an eighth-grade education, he was armed with keen entrepreneurial instincts, constant curiosity, boundless energy and an irrepressible drive.

J.R. grew and diversified his business as he matured, but the essence of the Company remained the same, drawing purpose and strength from the unique character, history and motivation of its founder.

Today, fueled by J.R.’s irrepressible belief in the promise of the possible, Simplot’s diverse portfolio spans from soil to dinner table and everything in-between. Simplot remains a privately held company headquartered in Boise, Idaho, but it has grown into an international food and agriculture company. More than 11,000 employees run operations around the globe and distribute products to more than 60 countries worldwide. Their integrated portfolio includes phosphate mining, fertilizer manufacturing, farming, ranching, food processing, food brands, and other agriculture-related interests.

Simplot understands that foodservice is a famously tough business, and they have a passion for delivering the fresh ingredients essential for a dining experience that will leave your customers with a smile. Simplot Foods manufacturers an evolving portfolio of on-trend foodservice products, including frozen and chilled potatoes, avocado, vegetables, grains and fruit, thoughtfully grown and carefully prepared. Since inventing the frozen fry in 1953, they have continued to listen closely to operators, finding new ways to improve menus, reduce labor and build their businesses.

We all know today’s foodservice consumer is craving real foods and making more informed choices. Simplot Foods offers top brands, diverse foods, and tasty solutions they desire, helping your business nurture the needs of your customers and keep them coming back for more.

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